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hello readers . all fit into today? I hope you all healthy, quite healthy today. no one hurt . Before this, I was too busy until no time to look at this blog . but now I already have time for my lovely blog. Now I want to talk about the closing day MTAQ that was held yesterday, Thursday, 21/04/2011 . The closing ceremony was held in the afternoon . in the morning there was nasyid competition . the nasyid competition was divided into two parts , which are for primary and secondary schools . for secondary schools, only three schools send their nasyid group . there are SMK Bandar Bintangor , SMK Kai Chung and SMK Sg. Paoh .before we watch their performances, we go to breakfast first with ustazah in the school cafeteria. ustazah treat us! I ordered milo and laksa sarawak . nyummmy . after we all ate, we went to the hall to see the nasyid performances . they all are so great and talented ! after all the groups present their presentations, we went back to Sarikei . the noon we was waiting at the IPD because ustazah tell us gathered there . after that we went to Bintangor for closing held on the evening . Our hearts beating faster waiting for the competition result . after a speech from a Y.B, the chairman of the judges went up on stage to announce the decision. Our hearts pounding to the beat . heart palpitations only ALLAH knows . and this is a decision for my school, SMK St. Anthony . :

Lelaki : MOHD FAZRUL ( 2nd place )
Perempuan : DAYANG SITI NURWAHEEDIAH ( 2nd place )

Lelaki : ABDUL RAHIM ( 2nd place )
Perempuan : LIA ATIKA ( 2nd place )

Lelaki : MOHD SYAMIR ( 1st place )
Perempuan : NUR ATIQAH ( 1st place )

based on the above results, it is clear that I got second place. not worth it? based on our results, we also get the balance decision, right? Our results are the same. I'm in the second place, my partner was also in the second place . wise we designed it, right? the important is, we have made ustazah pleased with our progress . plus,  this year is my last year participating in this contest. and this victory is the most beautiful memories for me. I will keep these memories forever. Because next year I will not have fun like this year again . after we receive the gifts, we were invited to eat. after that, we continued back to Sarikei . after arriving in Sarikei, Lia asking ustazah to send us to Sugarbun because she want to trear us. We ordered cheese burgers, ice cream and water . after what we ordered arrived , we were eating while hanging out.We chat up until 5.30 pm. after that, we all went back. indeed we are very happy that day even though we were tired.  =______=

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