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morning readers . first of all , I want to apologize for this because I have no time for updated my lovely blog . This two weeks I was too busy practicing with ustazah for reciting contest today . so I do not have time to overlook this blog . But now I have had time to update this blog . although time is limited . talk about the reciting contest today, I will be competing in SMK Bandar Bintangor , Bintangor . yesterday , ustazah went to the school to remove the ballot when we will compete . after ustazah disconnect a vote for us, I got the last number, mean I'm the last contestant to contest . I'm so glad when ustazah called me yesterday evening and told me that I'm the last participant . :) means I still have time to practice again but I continue to open the computer to updated this blog . I really do not appreciate the time , right ? but , I will do the best for this contest because this year was the last year I joined this competition after four years I took part in this competition . INSYA - ALLAH . wish me the best good luck ya !

netball competition . I want to apologize to Mrs. Sharifah because I can not participate in netball competition this year . I already made you disappointed of me , but I can not do anything anymore . If the reciting contest is not opposed to netball competitions, I will be participating in the netball competition . But the match against . so I had to choose to participate in reciting competitions because  ustazah have told me in early . I'm so sorry teacher . but , I wish good luck to the netball team . I hope you all will win in this year . SAS BOLEH !


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