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I can't always on9 .

hello bloggers . Today I want to updated my blog again. be to? I must allow. this is my blog bahh . :P Today I don't know to tell what. but clearly, I will tell you about the above topic. I CANT ALWAY'S ON9 . This year I will be sitting for SPM, which is the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia . like all other SPM candidates, I also want the best results . I don't want to make my parents upset with me. this SPM is the best way I prove to them that I did not throw their money to finance my schooling . yes! I will not disappoint my parents. I'll prove to them that I was able to get good results for them.
to prove to them, I have to try and study hard. but I can't learn because of the strong temptation to on9. I will be on9 everyday. So, I will try to get rid of temptation with study . Insya-Allah . (: So, to the blogger, don't be surprised if I don't have updated my blog. that means I busy with my SPM. but you all do not forget to follow me okay? and pray that I get excellent results okay? I will missed you all . ):

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