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This morning our class was called to meet with the Principal .
Our counseling teachers, Mr. Thomas went to our class .
he told me that our class will meet with principals this morning .
ouhh gosh !
 We're very excited and scared .
before we met with the principals, we were given two pink paper .
We are required to stick the paper in our report cards and diaries .
We are also required to write the marks obtained during the first mid-term exam .
after that, we were told to write our goals for the first term test will come soon .
the counseling teacher told us not to put too low a target of the first mid-term exam .
but we do not dare to put too high a target because
we hear we will be whipped if we did not achieve the set targets
That's why we do not want to put too high a target .
after the counseling teacher was explaining the pink sheet section
he asked ten students went down to meet with the principal
ten students were all male
and they willingly submit themselves to meet with the principal.
after that, turn to me and my friends met with the principal
The first meeting with the Principal is Farah. thereafter Aliza. Next Lovina . then Frauline .
after Frauline, it's my turn to meet with the principal .
initially he saw my target paper .
and guess what ?
he changed my target to test the first term that will come later !
ouhhh shittt !
he changed my target to a higher !
what the fuck !
he put pressure on me !
i want to say " DON"T ", but that comes only " NO " .
Now I have to study hard
to obtain good results in my tests later
and achieve my goals
so I'm not whipped .
so stresss .

bye . ):

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