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everything is done .

assalamualaikum to the Muslim blogger . and hai to the Non-Muslim blogger . as you read in my last entry , my blog was under " CONSTRUCTION " . but now , I have arranged it with neatly and regularly . erkk . I praise myself ? haha . forget about it . just a joke . now , as you can see , this is the new face to my blog . some comment pliss ? haha . kidding .

okay . let's talk about my activities in this week . begins on Tuesday. that morning, we have classes began as usual. but we, the 5A1 students had to wait in the school and return at 3 pm . because in the evening, there was an a extra class for mathematics that taught by Madam Ling Chin . on the same day, my classmates looked very tired and exhausted. and me too . hehe . i also don't know why. maybe too much to think about the extra classes in the evening. plus , the math class was our first extra class. lastly , all my classmates back in a weak state., including me . (:

the next day . Wednesday . all the Form 5 Islamic students must came in the evening. because there are test for the 2nd paper of Agama Islam. The paper was held in the afternoon because the paper was not included in the exam schedule. so , we had to do it in the evening . when the paper was given, I continue to answer the question without looking at the questions. Consequently, I lost 4 points because I did not answer the last question. I think the questions have been exhausted to question b, but apparently there are more questions in the back. ouhh . silly me ! now , I just can pray and get the best marks for the 1st paper .

Thursday . our PSV teacher gave us wood to make our yachts for PSV course work , but honestly I do not have any idea to make it. My mind is empty. NIL ! haha . anybody want to help me ? hehe .

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