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F.R.I.E.N.D.S .. ♥

Friendship Story .

Pencil : You know, I'm really sorry .
Eraser : Sorry for what ? You didn't do anything wrong !
Pencil : Well . Every time when I make a mistake, you will be there to erase my mistake . But, as time pass by, part of you are gone .
Eraser : You see . I'm made to do this . Even though I know one of these day I'll be gone , and you have to replace me with another . I'm still happy to do this job ! So, don't be sad ! It worries me !

This is how true friends are suppose to be !

ok . dah baca stoli itu ? yess ! kalau saya ada kawan macam itu kan .. saya janji saya tak akan khianati dia .. sayang ada kawan macam itu tapi dibuat yang tidak baik .. haikhh ? pa ndak nak dikerepak aku tok ka .. haha ..

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